Yoga Photosession

Johanna yoga teacher in Amsterdamse Bos

Yoga photography

Yoga photosession

Yoga photosession


Yoga Photo

Yoga Photosession of yoga-teacher Johanna Lundqvist for a photoserie in the Amsterdamse Bos in -5 degrees , Amsterdam. The cold winter beauty is starting just now. Iceskating will come soon 🙂 . The magic hour at the Amsterdamse Bos, forest in the south of Amsterdam with frozen water in the little canals gave us a perfect spot to do some balancing poses.

New York City in wintertime Travel story coming up soon


Lower Manhattan Financial District, one of the images in a NYC travel story .. Publication news  will follow soon

Publication in Elegance magazine, Yucatán Mexico

Elegance magazine publication

Elegance magazine, publication text and photos Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico