Sailing in Thailand with the Star Clipper; a publication in Feeling magazine

Sailing in Thailand

Thailand travel by sailing ship Star Clipper. Sailing in Thailand with the Star Clipper; a publication in Feeling magazine

Sailing dream trip, a publication in Feeling magazine

Feeling magazine publication , a Dream-trip to Thailand 

Thailand Star Clipper

Thailand by Star Clipper

Thailand and Malaysia islands sailing-trip by Star Clipper

Thailand and Malaysia islands sailing-trip by Star Clipper

Mexico City Design Capital travel-story

Mexico City Designcity

CDMX                Mexico City Design Capital travel-story

A trip to number ten of the biggest cities in the world

Mexico City Design Capital travel-story

Mexico City & Design publication in Feeling magazine

My travel story in Feeling magazine

So I would say Teotihuacan, the piramide of the sun was build long before the Inca’s. Because the Inca’s are not from this part of the world. But in final editing sometimes little things go wrong. I guess they mean long before the Mayas the piramides were build. Anyway I am very happy to see my own story of this amazing city in Feeling magazine. It looks so glossy and cool. Beware that of course not all parts of this city are like this!  And I would not take a metro at night or in rush hours. I can’t believe that this is one of the best metro systems of the world. So that is not my quote. It is the second busiest subway systems in the continent (after New York City)  I must admit I have not travelled that much by subway, more by Uber. But it seems to be easy and cheap. I guess you should just be careful and don’t go in rush hours.

One thing that alerted me is that If you are a woman, you can use the special cars at the front of the train. These are just for women and children under 14, to be used in rush hour.

Mexico City discover colonia Roma

Colonia Roma .

When you go to Mexico City here some tips for Colonia Roma.

So I am writing about Mexico City and the best way to get to know the city it though its colonias. Mexico City discover colonia Roma is the topic here.

This colonia Roma is a borough or a neighborhood were many design shops, galeries, music shops, clothing brands and fancy bars and restaurants have settled themselves in. It is trendy and has been like this for a while, despite the damage due to the earthquake last September and by the end of februari 2018 again. It still attracts many foreigners , students, expats and people from the art-scene. There is lot’s of green, there ate some parts, like Parque España it is a safe borough and prices of houses here are relatively high. This might change a little bit after the earthquake.

Here some photos of colonia Roma, Mexico City .

Colored houses in Colonia Roma

Colored houses in Colonia Roma

Mexico City colonia Roma

Lots of green : Mexico City discovering colonia Roma

Mexico City discovering colonia Roma

Lots of green in the streets, make it more livable


the streets of Colonia Roma

The streets of Colonia Roma.


In Colonia Roma Norte

There is lots of street-art and Fonda Fina here is a great choice for lunch!

In Colonia Roma Norte: restaurant Fonda Fina

Designer of clothes : Carla Fernandéz in Colonia Roma

Designer of clothes and jewelry in cooperation with native communities  : Carla Fernandéz in Colonia Roma

colonia Roma

Music Shop in colonia Roma Norte

And before calling it a night you must try some mescals in the Clandestina!

La Clandestina best mezcal bar

La Clandestina , famous mezcal bar

Pizza del Perro negro

Pizza del Perro Negro, popular pizza and rock place

Mexico City travel-tips

Some tips for Mexico City

In the meantime I am writing a travel story about  Mexico City travel-tips for a Belgium magazine and looking back at the photos I took in different boroughs and neighborhoods, or Colonias as the Mexicans call them.

I thought it would be useful to gather some of my favorite places to visit in Mexico City. So when you visit this city you can better plan your trip. Here my Mexico City travel-tips.

One of my favorite boroughs (The city has 16) is Coyoacán, named after Coyotes. Therefore I show just some photos of this bohemian borough full of colorful houses, street-art and the always lively Jardin de Centenario. These days Coyoacán is known for the bleu house of artist Frida Kahlo, Casa Azul. She and Diego Rivera, famous painter and her husband, used to live here. As did many poets, political rebellions and writers.

Garcia Marquez had his coffee in one of the many bars back in the days and revolutionary Leon Trotski was hiding out here before he was killed. Even though this area south of the center is visited by many tourists these days, this borough will probably always have a soul because of her rich history.

Mexico City Travel-tips

Colonia Carmen in delegación Coyoacán

Mexico City traveltips


Coyoacán has many street-food vendors and arts-and crafts- shops and markets. In the weekends people stand in line waiting for great quesadillas made of bleu corn with pork.

Mexico City traveltips

Coyoacán street vendor

The Mercado Artesanal in Coyoacán, with its Piñatas made of made of papier maché.

Piñatas, the colored objects you see in so many markets in Mexico, have a rich history.  Originally they came from China, crossed the ocean to Italy, than Spain. And as a result of the Spanish missionaries bringing them along, piñatas ended up in Mexico.ñata

Mexico City travel-tips

Piñatas in the Mercado-artesanal Coyoacan

Mexico City

Mercado artesanal in Coyoacán- Piñatas

Mexico City travel-tips Mercado artesanal Coyoacan-7-2

Mercado artesanal Coyoacán

For children there is lots of fun stuff in the Mercado Artesanal in Coyoacán.

Mexico City travel-tips

Mercado Artesanal Coyoacán

Sweets in Mercado Coyoacán


Mexico City travel-tips

Sweets of Mercado Artesanal Coyoacán


Probably the second most popular place to visit in the Mexico City: Coyoacán at Jardín Centenario

Arco Atrial del Jardín Centenario en Coyoacán. At nighttime it is full of people at the square  and in the area it is probably one of the best places to go out. Even though there might be lots of foreigners you’ll not feel trapped in a touristy place.

Colonia del Valle Centro, Coyoacán

Coyoacán, waiting at the bus-stop

Yoga Photosession

Johanna yoga teacher in Amsterdamse Bos

Yoga photography

Yoga photosession

Yoga photosession


Yoga Photo

Yoga Photosession of yoga-teacher Johanna Lundqvist for a photoserie in the Amsterdamse Bos in -5 degrees , Amsterdam. The cold winter beauty is starting just now. Iceskating will come soon 🙂 . The magic hour at the Amsterdamse Bos, forest in the south of Amsterdam with frozen water in the little canals gave us a perfect spot to do some balancing poses.

New York City in wintertime Travel story coming up soon


Lower Manhattan Financial District, one of the images in a NYC travel story .. Publication news  will follow soon

Publication in Elegance magazine, Yucatán Mexico

Elegance magazine publication

Elegance magazine, publication text and photos Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Publication in Loving You magazine, Feeling Belgium


Love Boat story published in Loving You, an Feeling magazine edition, Belgium

Superloft Interior design project


Shooting the Superloft design in Amsterdam West, design by Ona Harster

Yucatán, Mexico images coming up

Yucatán peninsula

Yucatán peninsula