Mexico City Design Capital travel-story

Mexico City Designcity

CDMX                Mexico City Design Capital travel-story

A trip to number ten of the biggest cities in the world

Mexico City Design Capital travel-story

Mexico City & Design publication in Feeling magazine

My travel story in Feeling magazine

So I would say Teotihuacan, the piramide of the sun was build long before the Inca’s. Because the Inca’s are not from this part of the world. But in final editing sometimes little things go wrong. I guess they mean long before the Mayas the piramides were build. Anyway I am very happy to see my own story of this amazing city in Feeling magazine. It looks so glossy and cool. Beware that of course not all parts of this city are like this!  And I would not take a metro at night or in rush hours. I can’t believe that this is one of the best metro systems of the world. So that is not my quote. It is the second busiest subway systems in the continent (after New York City)  I must admit I have not travelled that much by subway, more by Uber. But it seems to be easy and cheap. I guess you should just be careful and don’t go in rush hours.

One thing that alerted me is that If you are a woman, you can use the special cars at the front of the train. These are just for women and children under 14, to be used in rush hour.